Bruce Brown, J.D., Lead Consultant

Bruce Brown, J.D., Lead Consulant

We provide our clients with strategies. Examples include arranging for creation or modification of cross-national legal-structures, renovation of organizational systems, creation of innovative educational/training initiatives, leading of product development and management and creative use of technologies to drive organizational profits and efficiencies. We attempt to conceive of and lead efficient business strategies with the help of innovative information technologies and are experts in arriving at strategies which provide the most benefit for the dollar.

We are adept in providing and enabling innovative strategies to organizational ventures by:

* leading implementation of international business structuring strategies via references to respected attorneys/accountants with whom ASI has no financial connection,
* creating or maturing business product offerings,
* creating systems which lead to enhanced organizational efficiencies, and
* assisting in better management of business or organizational ventures, (especially those relating to technology).

Our services are backed by intensive research and anaylsis. We:

* discern trends directly relating to your business and technologies,
* discern trends relating to business structuring,
* analyze technologies and offerings employed by your competition, and
* provide critical advice on how to refine your business strategies in the light of economic and technological reality.

Sub-consulting areas:

Technical project management: Many businesses are not capable of effectively managing the information technology projects as well as they need for success. We provide technology project management assistance to small to mid-size organizations. ASI draws upon a diverse yet complementary group of professionals who, as a team, are able to aid you in conceiving of and managing all manner of technology and business strategies which will increase your organizational success.

Many organizations or professionals want to begin and manage commercial ventures on the internet. We are experts at getting you started in your web business, start to finish. You decide on your product and manage your business, we’ll get your site built employing the most advanced internet marketing techniques and train you how to do your day to day business operations.

International Structuring: We are capable of facilitating your international presence by conceiving of and leading the structuring of your international business presences in light of current business practices and market trends. We are able to refer and assist in communicating with some recommended practitioners in the field. Mr. Brown has no financial relationships with any of these references.

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