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Intended Audience: This site is primarly intended for the viewing by people interested in working with Bruce on a particular project. So, it has a bit of a longer explanation of Bruce's experience than is normal on a marketing website.

Bruce Brown has created innovative strategies for business leaders in all aspects of business ventures for over 35 years.

His professional life has been spent assisting business leaders in the creation and maturing of their entrepreneurial ventures.

When he worked as a young attorney he structured and negotiated the financing of many projects. Even at that time, he didn't merely provide legal solutions; he materially participated in entrepreneurial aspects of developing his client businesses either as a principal or an advisor. Since he has stopped practicing, he has supervised the hiring and provision of the best legal experts in their fields, providing a project management contact point during the legal processes.

After leaving the practice of law, he operated as president and training program developer of a respected and novel multi-campus information technology training firm which was Geek Squad's preferred source of employees during the early days of that organization. While living in Mexico, he was the administrative leader of a rapidly growing non-profit organization subject to its internationally known leader. He now assists in leading the development of a original online fundraising concept which allows for businesses to sponsor raising funds for those in need.

Bruce's experience has related to the creative engineering of organizational, educational and technology strategies; leading organizational, educational and technological problem solving; revising organizational structures for small organizations up to international non-profits; discerning trends of all sorts; and leading development or revision of company service offerings. He has also often been involved in the day-to-day activities of running a growing business.

Bruce's primary traits are creativity and tenacity when conceiving of and implementing organizational systems that create dramatic efficiencies. He often helps lead a "bootstrapped" business environment pending profit while maintaining unmatched service quality. Industry leaders have referred to his solutions as best-in-class. He is often used to renovate company service offerings to make them compete with world-class offerings under severe budget constraints. He has assisted in leading small ventures and multinational non-profits alike.

He has worked leading the development, revision, and implementation of many CMS-based sites, primarly adapting the CMS using substantial custom code. He has substantial experience with projects which use ExpressionEngine or WordPress. He has led development of numerous internet-based businesses, including a longstanding legal forms provision website and a respected homeschool products site. Each of these used custom HTML/CSS and php code. He currently is interested in CraftCMS, and Umbraco for more advanced projects. He has the ability to understand the code being used and has created his own designs with HTML/CSS and created and edited code related to site functions.

For over three decades, Bruce has caused and led the maturing of infrastructure for many companies, taking advantage of his numerous hardware and network server certifications. He is unique in his ability to comprehend and lead changes in infrastructure and software development. For example, he led the maturing of Windows Server Networking technologies for Airbox Express, a major international package delivery company located in the nation of Panama -- including interviewing, hiring and training their new network administrator. In this project, Bruce enjoyed coordinating his efforts on the company Linux-based technologies with the noted Linux expert and author David Bandel. He is currently taking full advantage of this background to lead the product development of Raise It Fast for Lighthouse Vision, LLC.

Bruce also has experience developing corporate and career training models. He was one of two non-staff members at Microsoft asked to consult on creation of the then new-to-be-implemented Microsoft Certified System Administrator certification. He was also was asked to and did meet with a meeting of the heads of industry technology training, which included the department training leader heads for Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, the Vice President of Red Hat and Dr. Amir Elahi to jointly consider renovations to corporate training related to technology-related careers. As a result of these interactions, the leader of Cisco's career training inquired of coming to work for the organization of which Mr. Brown was a part. As to one aspect of the project one of these leaders assigned some aspect of the project to Bruce saying something like "We'll let Bruce do that one, he's nieve enough to believe it can be done."

Bruce has suffered from an autoimmune disease and related health effects which have forced him to takes breaks in his professional life. During these times, he has enjoyed mentoring leaders of start-up operations and has volunteered in assisting leaders of non-profit humanitarian efforts in Panama and Mexico. One benefit to Bruce's clients resulting from his health condition is he builds his solutions with a mind of them being able to be managed by normal business users and/or easily handed off to succeeding experts. For example, he builds in tools for business users to edit their own website content, builds tools to enable ease in editing design, and employs group email addresses used with project service providers which can easily be taken over by the company. This is unique, as many project leaders build themself into the project for job security; Bruce does the opposite.

Historically, he takes on projects regardless of location, but the purpose of this website is primarly to introduce himself to the community in Two Harbors, Minnesota, having moved there with his family in July of 2017. He will enjoy working with people there in the creating and managing of their projects, primarily via his recent relationship with Lighthouse Vision, LLC. of which he is enthusiastic. However, if you are interested in consulting with Bruce on a limited basis; or just want some feedback, feel free to contact him; he'd love to talk.

Academics: J.D., University of San Diego School of Law (but is not currently actively licensed to practice law in any jurisdiction.)
Technical Certifications: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer+Internet; CompTIA A+ and Network+.

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