Bruce M. Brown, J.D. is the founder and lead strategist for ASI.

ASI creatively simplifies and streamlines organizational systems of all sorts, refining or re-visioning company products or services in ways that remove intransient obstacles to organizational progress.

He has a creative ability to reconcieve and reposition teams, systems, situations, vision and mission, especially when what is lacking relates to a cross-national or cross-cultural endeavor.

He is supported by academic degrees in Psychology and Law and multiple technology industry certifications bruce_playing_guitar

Mr. Brown has experience in initiating and managing business ventures of all sorts in varied roles. He has practiced as an corporate securities attorney, operated as president of a respected an innovative multi-campus information technology training firm, has operated as Administrative Director of a rapidly growing non-profit organization, and holds or has held numerous technology certifications including Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer+Internet Microsoft Certified Trainer (and train-the-trainer) and CompTIA Network+.

Mr. Brown has been honored to have been asked to be one of two non-Microsoft executives asked to advise Microsoft in the creation of it’s Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator certification. Mr. Brown was also invited to sit alongside senior representatives from Cisco, Novel, Red Hat, Oracle and other industry leaders in an attempt to formulate the Field Certified Professional Association, an innovative alternative certification schema for technology professionals.

Mr. Brown has experience leading national and multi-national organizational refinement in leadership structures, legal structures and refinement of vision and mission. Mr. Brown enjoys staying abreast of trends in information technology and advising clients on how best to position their product and industry given information technology realities. People know him as being able to correctly discern trends of many sorts. Major accomplishments include leading the creation of an internationally respected intensive, team-based, information technology training methodology and reorganizing the leadership and legal structures of a rapidly growing international non-profit organization to better assure their long-term sustainable growth.


Ronald T. Brown, Ph.D.

Ronald T. Brown, Ph.D.

Mr. Brown draws on the abilities of his brother Ronald T. Brown, Ph.D. who writes the Couragenet Blog on leading change. Dr. Brown is our organizational leadership consultant. Dr. Ronald Brown holds a Masters of Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois, Masters of Theology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and a Ph.d. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University, VA. He has enjoyed his history of leading a regional office of a major non-profit organization and now major corporate clients in effective organizational leadership and management. Ron is available to assist ASI clients in improving venture leadership techniques/strategies.